16th Annual
Acadia Birding Festival

Mount Desert Island
Bar Harbor, Maine
(Acadia National Park)
Keynote Speakers:
May 29-June 1, 2014


Don't miss our special dedicated PELAGIC SEABIRD BOAT TRIP - Saturday morning (June 1).



Jeffrey A. Gordon is the president of the American Birding Association. Prior to taking the helm at the ABA, Jeff led birding tours around a goodly portion of the globe. He is a frequent speaker and trip leader at birding and nature festivals and is the coordinator for the Delaware Birding Trail. A lifelong nature enthusiast, Jeff worked as an interpretive naturalist at national parks including Yosemite and Acadia, and at Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge in Texas. He spent 12 years leading birding tours full-time, specializing in North & Central America, as well as guiding trips to Antarctica and Africa. He authored 11 of the chapters in the 2005 book Identify Yourself: The 50 Most Common Birding Identification Challenges, and contributed an essay to the 2007 collection, Good Birders Don't Wear White: 50 Tips from North America's Top Birders. He produced a series of video podcasts in conjunction with the 2008 Peterson Field Guide to Birds of North America, and provided the bird photographs for the 2010 Peterson Field Guides to Eastern and Western birds. For more information on the ABA and on Jeff, visit www.aba.org


Greg Miller, on right (with Jack Black) - Photo by Cam Shaw

Greg Miller
has been birding for over 50 years.... really before he can even remember. It was his father who got him into birding at an early age and he has birded in all 50 states and much of Canada, always smitten by the birding bug. Every trip out is an adventure! In 1998 Greg zigzagged across the continent–traveling 130,000 miles while trying to hold down a full time job at a nuclear power plant–to try to see as many species of birds in one calendar year as possible. It was an incredible experience passing the 700-species mark—an achievement many birders aspire to in a lifetime. But there was competition. Two other birders, Sandy Komito and Al Levantin also did Big Years the same year and also broke the 700-mark. These three competitive quests are documented in the 2004 non fiction book, The Big Year, by Pulitzer Prize winning author Mark Obmascik. In 2011, Twentieth Century Fox made a full feature motion picture inspired by the book, and Greg had the fortunate opportunity to be the Bird Consultant for the movie, The Big year. He was on the set for three weeks with many of the actors and crew and got a chance to meet the stars, Jack Black, Steve Martin, and Owen Wilson. For Greg, it was truly a treat to watch the movie being made and to have a part in the creation of a story for the silver screen.


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